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The Westchester Park District offers many options for adult athletics. There is a summer league and fall league for both co-ed and men's 16" softball, adult open volleyball, open pickleball and adult tennis lessons as well as True Power Martial Arts for all ages. There are numerous fitness classes and personal training available at Mayfair Recreation Center. Check out our brochure, online registration or below for details. If you have any questions please contact Recreation Supervisor Chandler Piekarski at

  • Open volleyball is held on Monday nights from 7-9pm at the Community Center
  • Open pickleball is scheduled for Mondays 9-11am (September thru May) and Wednesdays 7-9pm year round at the Community Center. Call the facility for other open times.
  • Pickleball lessons are offered both indoor at the Community Center and outdoor at our Mayfair Pickleball Courts. Please check our brochure for our current offerings.
  • Adult tennis lessons at the beginner and intermediate level are offered at the Community Center Tennis Courts
  • True Power Martial Arts is available for the whole family, ages 7+, and offered year-round
  • Co-Ed and men's softball has summer and fall seasons.

Field Status

  • Fitness ClasseS

    Mayfair will be offering a large set of new and returning classes, including: Four Toned and Strong classes (with a new Monday night PM class), Tabata, Total Body Challenge, 20/20/20, Step Works, Yoga, and Sassy Ones.

    Class Descriptions

    Pilates - Stand taller! Learn the fundamentals of Pilates. This class works your "powerhouse" - the area of the body from where all energy and movement stems, including the core. It will help you make gains in balance, strength and flexibility for the entire body. Props may be included to assist in movements.

    Total Body Challenge - Body challenge yourself! We will build up endurance, strength, shape and condition our muscles through a series of exercises focusing on different muscles from the shoulders all way to the ankles.

    20/20/20 - Mix up your workout which is divided into 20 minutes of low-impact cardio exercises to increase your heart rate, 20 minutes of toning to shape and strengthen your muscles and then finishing with 20 minutes of stretching and core work.

    Barre to Barbell - A low impact-high intensity workout using Barre, the elements of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet and Barbells. This combination will build endurance, increase muscle and core strength, and increase one's flexibility. A floor workout is included.

    Tabata Bootcamp - Tabata is a style of HIIT training for men and women. You will train both cardio and strength without any wasted time. Intervals have work/rest cycles built in. Using body strength, weights, barbells, and other tools you'll take your fitness to a higher level. Bring water, mat and wear cross-training shoes.

    Toned & Strong - Lower your biological age! Become stronger and leaner than ever by challenging your muscles, core stability and balance with free weights, bars and fitness balls. Understand WHY you're doing what you're doing! A fun, educational co-ed class no matter your fitness level. Please bring water and a mat.

    COMMIT DANCE - A dynamic, fun filled HIIT influenced (High intensity interval training) dance workout designed for students at any fitness level. COMMIT classes introduce a variety of dance styles and each routine focuses on essential fitness elements created to a variety of popular music, from all over the world, that will inspire everyone to get moving and get fit. Each class offers you a total body workout that encourages you to find your level, dial up the intensity and push your limits.

    Sassy Ones - Formerly known as Senior Exercise, this program includes safe and effective exercises that will increase flexibility, strength, and improve cardiovascular condition.

    Sound Bath Meditation - Dive into bliss with Sound Bath Meditation. Crystal singing bowls and bamboo chimes create harmonious vibrations that soothe your body and mind, washing away stress and leaving you refreshed and balanced. Immerse yourself in relaxation and reconnect with inner peace in a tranquil, healing atmosphere.

    Step Works - Step is alive and well! Rarely needing risers, you'll love the fun unique step combinations. Body work always included. Consider step training for your cross-training activity. Bring water and a mat!

    Yoga - Can you balance your breath while holding a pose? Can you make your poses flow? Join the yoga experience as you learn breathing techniques, poses, meditation and relaxation. Please bring water and yoga mat.

    Zumba - Zumba dance class features high and low intensity intervals that help improve cardiovascular fitness while also enhancing balance, coordination, agility, and to some degree, strength. Zumba class is fun and energetic.

    For sessions, class minimum must be met in order for the program to facilitate walk-in registration of $10.00 per class. Sassy Ones is a $5 walk-in fee. Water and a personal/yoga mat are strongly recommended for most classes. Early online or in-person registration for fitness classes helps the park district know if a program will hit the minimum and be able to run as scheduled.


    Be Activated - Be-Activated is a performance enhancing system. The system helps create a greater structural integrity in the body so it is able to function at higher levels of performance in strength, power, flexibility and endurance as well as speed, balance and co-ordination. The results are both immediate and measurable. As we increase the body's ability to perform we also reduce the risk of injury in all levels of play and function. This technique is for everyone! If you're looking for better balance, mobility, or reduced pain this may be the remedy!

    Fix Your Posture for a Pain-Free Life! - "Stand up straight!" "Stop slouching!" Sound familiar? Are you always reminded to sit straight or do you experience back pain, neck pain or fatigue? You may have FHP - Forward Head Position aka Tech Neck. Learn a simple program to help reverse FHP and improve your posture and energy levels! Offered in several evening sessions.

    Movement Therapy - This structured adult dance class, using chairs for seated work, a ballet bar for balance and across the floor work aims to improve balance, coordination and overall physical & mental health. Assists with Parkinson's and Neurological Disease. Offered in 7-week sessions.

    Activate Your Golf Swing - This is a personal training program designed to enhance the body's ability to perform on the golf course and will look at patterns - the way you address the ball, the rotation of your body as you swing the club and your stability. The assessments will check glute strength, shoulder and hip rotation, lateral stability and breathing to remain calm during the round. The techniques are simple and you can activate before, during or after your round. You will see how your body rotation is improved and how much further the ball goes! Take your game to a new level of enjoyment! Once registered, you will be contacted to set up a time slot.



    Printable Roster Form

    Schedule and Results



    Printable Roster Form

    Schedule and Results

  • Tournament of Champions (T.O.C.)

    Teams greeting each other post-game

    The 2024 Tournament was held Thursday May 16 - Sunday May 19, 2024
    Congrats to Team Flashback on winning this year's tournament!

    Final brackets/results will be posted soon.